Are You Feeling Stressed Or Anxious?

Have You Lost Your Confidence?

Do You Want To Get Your Life Back On Track?

Welcome to Inspired To Change Hypnotherapy
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If you nodded in response to any of the questions above, you’re in the right place.

At Inspired To Change Hypnotherapy, I work with people just like you.

  • People who are suffering from stress and anxiety and don’t feel they’re coping well. 
  • People who have lost their confidence and feel they’re not in control.
  • People who are struggling with an emotional or physical issue and have tried other methods to resolve it. 
  • And people who feel unhappy or stuck and just want their life back.

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John in Peterborough

“23 years ago I shattered my thighbone. I tried to make a comeback 2 years later but I had developed a fear of physical contact.

I went to see Gary who seemed to understand the problem being a sports person himself and after just 3 sessions I have lost my fear and am almost back to normal”

Shaun in Peterborough

“Gary is a very astute individual. I feel at ease and confident in his abilities to help me reach my goals. He clearly understands the human mind and has helped me deal with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by identifying and dealing with the root causes.

If you are someone who wants to change something about your life that you’re not happy with, Gary is the man to see.”

Sarah in Kent

“I had a very bad fear of snakes for over 20 years.  I have to walk my dog on my own in the woods and fields behind my house and my fear had got so bad that I would have a panic every time.

After spending 2 hours with Gary I was no longer scared of snakes and went and walked my dog in the woods immediately after finishing the session.  This has changed the way i live, I can now take my dog on long enjoyable walks without fear and am no longer frightened to go to Thailand on holiday!”

Adam in Peterborough

“I feel like a completely different person.

I can communicate with people, I look them in the eyes when I talk to them and I don’t mumble or stutter anymore. No more getting dizzy or feeling like everyone is staring at me when I am walking through the city centre and no more locking myself away in my room and ignoring my friends.

I spent so many years feeling so low I had to drag myself out of bed in the morning but all of that is gone.”

Shelly in Peterborough

“Before I had hypnotherapy I thought that feeling anxious and lacking self belief was just the way I was and there was nothing I could do to change it.

After a number of sessions of hypnotherapy with Gary, I now wake up feeling confident and positive instead of feeling anxious.  I now feel relaxed and able to take on new challenges and I have noticed a positive difference in my relationships and also how much I achieve at work.

It really has changed the way I think about myself and my outlook on life.”

Why use Inspired To Change?

Inspired to Change Hypnotherapy is the leading provider of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Services in the UK.  We use modern, clinically proven techniques to help our clients achieve positive outcomes.  

Inspired to Change Hypnotherapists are all recognised by the National Council for Hypnotherapy, the UK’s leading not-for-profit hypnotherapy professional association and are based across the UK in Cambridgeshire, Devon, Kent, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough.  

To find out how hypnotherapy could help you contact your nearest therapist and book your FREE initial consultation.

We also provide gold standard training in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Level 5 Supervision for qualified hypnotherapists.

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