I offer a FREE initial consultation

which allows me to gain an understanding of what’s going on for you now and how you would like to be feeling different. I will explain how our brains work and why this is impacting on how you feel and explain how we can use hypnotherapy to create positive change in your life. And most importantly this appointment allows you to make sure that you feel happy working with me to achieve the results you want. You also get to take away a free relaxation audio download which you can use to help you to release stress and to build confidence in the future.

Ongoing sessions cost £60 for an hour or you can save money by purchasing one of the packages below:

Ascend: the five stage path to being in control of your life

Ascend means literally to ‘go up’ and that is just what our simple and enjoyable 5 stage path will enable you to do; going from where you are now, to having feelings of confidence, self-belief and calm.

Purchase an Ascend package of 6 sessions for just £300 (a saving of £60).

Liberate: 3 step phobia relief

Most of us experience some fear, it’s normal and healthy; many such fears are manageable and, for the majority of us, they have little impact on our lives. However, a fear or phobia can be an extreme and debilitating level of anxiety that severely gets in the way of living your life..

Purchase a Liberate package of 3 sessions for just £180.

Harmony: 6 step weight management programme

Fed up of Yo-Yo dieting? Want a balanced approach to food and exercise?

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to weight issues then our Harmony™ package is for you!

Purchase a Harmony package of 12 sessions for just £600 (a saving of £120).

Freedom: Quit smoking for good*

Like all other habits, smoking is hard to stop as it has become part of your daily routine. However, Both Which? and New Scientist have reported that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, and without cravings, irritability or weight gain!

Purchase a 2 hour Freedom session for just £180 and give up smoking for good (no initial consultation is required).