My reasons for visiting a hypnotherapist were around getting more control over drinking alcohol. I knew I was drinking too much (pretty much every night, added up to around 50 units a week) and for health reasons wanted to cut down but found that my will power was weak…I didn’t need any excuse to break that evenings abstinence and so began the cycle of guilt of having a drink versus the enjoyment of having a drink. I really wanted to be free of the feeling of wanting a drink…. I could have an evening not drinking but I still had that feeling of wanting a drink and I wanted to be free of that. I had never had hypnotherapy before but thought it may help as I know friends who have had it for help with stopping smoking.

Working with Caroline was thoroughly enjoyable! I was a bit nervous at first as like most people who haven’t had hypnotherapy before, you think of what you have seen on TV – deep trance like stuff but thankfully it wasn’t like that at all. Caroline immediately put me at ease and I found her very easy to talk to, warm, positive and she asked great questions which helped me to find what my end goal was and helped me process what was happening. I really liked the explanations around why certain behaviours happen, what’s going on in the brain etc as that helped me make sense of it all. The sessions themselves followed a nice pattern of discussing what had happened in between each visit with some explanation around how the brain works and then a lovely guided relaxation where the magic happens… I liked having ‘homework’ in between as it kept me focused and for me, choosing to attend every 2 weeks also meant the whole process was extended over around 13 weeks which I liked.

It’s worked!! The initial aim with the drinking was to get it to a point where I could choose to have a drink or not rather than quit altogether as I felt this would fit in better with my lifestyle to start with. In the last month, I have had a drink 6 times (in varying amounts – 4 of those was only one drink) and this is a huge change for me as it was most nights. I am now at the stage of not even thinking about having a drink – it doesn’t even come into my head which, when I stop and think about it still takes me by surprise and makes me very happy. So, the results are amazing! The benefit now for me is that I don’t really think about it anymore…. the want is gone and I’m even enjoying not drinking, enjoying feeling better. So, if I do decide to have one I don’t feel guilty – and I can stop at one! It’s a real feeling of freedom and relief as I always had the thought at the back of my mind that I was doing myself damage every time I had a drink…. that this would be the one tipping things over the edge…

To anyone thinking about using hypnotherapy, I’d say go for it! I’m amazed at how it’s changed things for me. It’s been a very pleasant experience, I’ve enjoyed every session! It isn’t often you really talk about your feelings so being able to do that was lovely, and the actual hypnotherapy was extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Caroline is fantastic at what she does…. she is very knowledgeable and has a lovely manner putting you at ease straight away – and she is very easy to talk to…..I would absolutely recommend her as a therapist, and I know I can go back if I need to. I am so pleased I did it.

Anon, Kettering


Caroline is based in our Northamptonshire clinic in Thrapston, near to Kettering, Rushden, Wellingborough, Oundle and Huntingdon. Caroline specialises in reducing stress and anxiety and building confidence and self esteem. If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you reduce stress or anxiety contact Caroline to book your FREE initial consultation

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