If you let people you need support they will be there with the help you need if they can be, you just need to let them know.

Just a quick note to say thank you to Ivan Knight who very generously so my plead for a bike so I could train for this challenge.

He saw the fact that I was doing the Bike Ride in India for CALM and didn’t hesitate in offering me his own bike. Having recently got a car he wasn’t really using it and realised he could support me, CALM and get some use out of the bike that was collecting dust. 

So, DAY 1 and we have the means to train, just need to plan my training routine to go from couch potato to supper fit! (no easy feat)

I ordered a gel saddle as my first move!

Thank you, Ivan, it’s very much appreciated 🙂

If you or someone you know is suffering right now call your local Inspired To Change Hypnotherapist or contact the CALM helpline 

Gary Johannes

Days to go