The path back from depression 

Up to 20 of us can struggle with the winter blues but for many of us depression can strike at any time.

Linda, who visited Caroline in our Northamptonshire clinic, found herself struggling with the day to day things.

“I had been getting quite low in spirit and unable to cope with normal daily life, tearful, tired and feeling anxious a lot of the time.”

Linda’s sleep patterns were being disturbed by an ongoing medical condition so she was getting up through the night every couple of hours.

“I had been putting up with this way of life for some time when a friend put me in touch with Caroline.

Caroline was breath of fresh air. She explained easily and kindly to me how and why I was feeling like I was without me having to unload all the stuff going on in my head which was making me feel depressed. As I listened to her and began to understand my own head I began to feel better.

Knowing I could make the difference to myself was surprisingly reassuring. Then I started the audio CD for relaxation every night and from day one I slept all night!

I found working with Caroline was so easy, she has a way of relaxing you from the outset and because of that I could understand what she was teaching me. She made me feel safe and that I wasn’t going mad! With the knowledge Caroline has given me of learning to relax, think positively and how to keep my serotonin levels up I feel sure this will help me in the future.

If you are considering hypnotherapy then definitely give it ago, it’s made my life enjoyable again!”

For Adam his depression started in his teenage years.

“I had been suffering with depression for about 15 years. It started in my early teens and gradually got worse as I got older. I started to drink and take drugs to self medicate through my teens and early twenties. I stopped taking drugs and cut drinking right out which made a bit of a difference but not enough for me to live a normal life.

I finally had enough of constantly feeling low – I was unable to sleep, getting dizzy and scared in large crowds of people and as a result I locked myself away and spent most of my spare time locked in my bedroom.

I have always had an interest in psychology and through reading up on the subject I kept coming across the benefits of hypnosis as a tool to overcome these mental difficulties. I decided enough was enough and I contacted Gary at Inspired to Change in Peterborough to find out more.

My first visit was just a chat while he explained very clearly why I was having these problems and how the human mind works. Then on my second visit I was hypnotised for the first time and I felt an instant difference. With every session I felt calmer and calmer and started to feel a lot more control over myself. During each session Gary would explain the human mind and why I was thinking and behaving the way I was. I found this very educational and by learning these things it help me overcome my depression and crippling anxiety.

Now that I have finished my therapy with Gary I feel like a completely different person. I can communicate with people, I look them in the eyes when I talk to them and I don’t mumble or stutter anymore. No more getting dizzy or feeling like everyone is staring at me when I am walking through the City center and no more locking myself away in my room and ignoring my friends.

But the biggest benefit by far is no more depression, I spent so many years feeling so low I had to drag myself out of bed in the morning but all of that is gone, which after so many years is an amazing feeling. Now I feel like I can further myself at work and I’m even considering becoming a therapist myself.

I would recommend hypnosis for anyone who is suffering, it’s incredibly powerful. It’s amazing see the difference between where I was a year ago and where I am now.”

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