A Way Back From Chronic Fatigue

Do you have a chronic condition but struggle to manage it?

Are you fed up of feeling tired all the time?

Do you struggle to get through your normal daily routine?

Are the doctors unable to give you a definitive diagnosis?


I chose to retrain as a hypnotherapist after my own anxiety led to physical health problems and a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

“One of the things that helped me the most in my recovery was understanding how our brains work and why that can have such a huge impact on our wellbeing, both physical and mental and this is something I now share with all my clients”.

Using my own experiences and training I specialise in helping people overcome anxiety and chronic conditions such as CFS/ M.E, Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions.

One of the things I found particularly difficult in my own recovery was that no one that was helping me actually understood what I was going through. They were able to tell me from a professional point of view what might help, but none of them had been there, none of them had experienced what I was going through so they didn’t understand that what they were asking me to do might be unrealistic or how hard it would be to do it.

Many people that I have spoken to since have had similar experiences and I realised that I was in a unique position to be able to couple my personal experience with my professional knowledge and support people through their own journey to recovery.

As a solution focused hypnotherapist I know how the brain works.  I know that having the right knowledge isn’t enough to ensure your recovery, it’s not as simple as that!  This is your recovery and your journey might be different from the next persons.

Energise Me is a simple four step process to guide you through your recovery:

    Reconnecting with you, with your goals, your aspirations, your vision of what you want to be able to achieve and your belief that recovery is possible
    Understand what your mind and your body needs to recover and choose which actions to take at your pace to bring you back to health
    Renew your life so you can come out the other side of this not just surviving but thriving!
    Craft your own maintenance programme so you can maintain your recovery long term

Our lives stall for a reason.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often an outcome of long term stress and anxiety or trauma in your life. In order to recover we need to listen to those messages and do something different!

To find out what it’s like working with me towards your recovery give me a call on 07729 801 247.  

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Louise in Kettering


“I felt extremely relaxed and able to talk to Caroline. She always had something constructive and positive to say in response to anything I said and encouraged me to break it down and think through the scenarios. She explained how the brain works with simple drawings to show me why I was feeling or reacting the way I was.  I was taught to think forwards and not to live in the past. I was ‘stuck’ but encouraged to move forward.

Working with Caroline has completely changed my outlook.  I have more days feeling well and positive now than I have ever had. I used to count the hours until I could go to bed, but now I want to squeeze as much time out of life that I can!”

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